A simple and small cute app made with Flutter, Go, GoogleOAuth and AWS.

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Trip Memories is a simple mobile app to make your memories of a trip last forever.

It’s very simple and minimal app made with Flutter and Go stack, two very powerful languages/frameworks. Combined together, productivity goes to the next level.

At first, it was going to be built with supabase. And it actually could already be built, but I have to learn AWS, so yeah.


I had no prior experience with Flutter/Dart neither Golang, nor AWS (For an own project), so I took a little time I had in the end of the day to work a little on this project and managed to learn a lot.

In short, coming with this simple project so I learn 3 things at once.

I came to the following conclusions:

  • Flutter is amazing and I’m ditching react native from now on.
  • Productivity on Flutter is weirdly and surprisingly AWESOME. I’ve heard ppl saying it beats React Native in productivity but I didn’t really like the way the code was, but I think I only had to get used to it. I’d say what I can do with Flutter, despite no prior experience with it, I could do in React Native in around 1.2x the time spent.
  • Golang is Ok. I feel like I’m not taking its entire power, so, so far so good. It’s a little more complciated to learn than Dart, as a JavaScript developer, but it’s really understandable.
  • AWS is not a 7 headed monster


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