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A simple, modern dashboard for FRC teams.

Download files can be found here, the supported platforms are Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

NOTE: Your code must be using WPILib version 2023.3.1 or higher, otherwise you might not be able to add widgets!


Elastic is a simple and modern Shuffleboard alternative made by Team 353. It is meant to serve as a dashboard for competition but can also be used for testing. Some features include

  • Viewing data from different NT4 topics and widgets
  • Draggable and resizable card widgets
  • Customizable color scheme
  • Automatic IP retrieval from the FRC Driver Station
  • Compatibility with WPILib’s Shuffleboard API

Example Layout


View the online documentation here


Elastic is not complete, there are still more features in the works

High Priority (estimated to be completed by the start of the 2024 season):

  • All widgets from Shuffleboard
  • List layouts

Lower Priority:

  • Custom API to manage dashboard settings from robot program

Special Thanks

This dashboard wouldn’t have been made without the help and inspiration from the following people

  • Michael Jansen from Team 3015
    • Created the Network Tables library, along with PathPlanner, which inspired many parts of the UI and structure
  • Jason and Peter from WPILib
    • Provided significant help on issues regarding Network Tables
  • Oh yes 10 FPS from Team 3173
    • Provided insight on the backend of Shuffleboard and DriverStation connection to obtain the robot’s IP address
  • MikLast, FRC Alum, Mentor, & Volunteer
  • All mentors and advisors of Team 353, the POBots


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