Image Zoom and Cropping plugin for Flutter

A simple and easy used flutter plugin to crop image on iOS and Android.




Add simple_image_crop simple_image_crop as a dependency in pubspec.yaml.


Create a widget to load and edit an image:

final imgCropKey = GlobalKey<CropState>();

Widget _buildCropImage() {
  return Container(
      child: ImgCrop(
        key: cropKey,
        chipRadius: 150,  // crop area radius
        chipShape: 'circle', // crop type "circle" or "rect"
        image: Image.file(imageFile), // you selected image file

Generate a cropped image:

  • Select image recommendation image-picker, image file may be from the previous page:
    final Map args = ModalRoute.of(context).settings.arguments
  • a async function get cropped file image:
    crop.cropCompleted('selected file image', {pictureQuality: 'int of Picture quality'})
floatingActionButton: FloatingActionButton(
  onPressed: () async {
    final crop = cropKey.currentState;
    final croppedFile =
        await crop.cropCompleted(args['image'], pictureQuality: 900);

    // show you croppedFile ……
    showImage(context, croppedFile);