MinecraftCube Desktop

A server management tool for Minecraft, that help players start any kind of minecraft server easier. Mainly support vanilla and forge, but mostly all kind of minecraft server without restriction. For those headache specified java server, the tool also support portable java to assign to the project you needed!

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Open CC for subtitles (Eng/Zh)


  • Cross platform (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • System
    • Public/Gateway/Internal IP detection
    • CPU/MEMORY/GPU detection
    • Java detection
  • Server
    • Start any server with same pipeline (forge, vanilla… etc)
    • server.properties configuration support.
    • java portable supports. (put portables under java folder beside servers/installers dir)
    • basic command candidates
  • Craft
    • make an reusable installers for anyone at anytime.
  • Well-tested (boasting)

How to open releases


No need any extra knowledge.

Linux (x64/Amd)

Option 1. Use dpkg

sudo dpkg -i linux_the_file.deb

Note: The Path you currently used in terminal will be the root directory for the app, please decide the directory, and use cd, then execute the last command above.

Option 2. Use dpkg-deb

dpkg-deb -x $DEBFILE $TARGET_DIRECTORY, then open mineraft_cube_desktop in the target directory. Don’t forget to chmod -R 755 the direcotry or use open mineraft_cube_desktop as sudo.


chmod -R 755 minecraft_cube_desktop.app

and open ./minecraft_cube_desktop.app in terminal or just double click.


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