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Power to the Plebs!

Pleb LN is a remote control for your LND node. capable of paying invoices, creating invoices, managing your channels, updating channel policies and viewing your balances all at lightning fast speeds. Communicates via gRPC on the LND api.

A huge thank you to all the Bitcoin, and Lightning devs out there for inspiring this and making it possible.

Quick PSA, Pleb LN DOES NOT currently support connecting to your node through the Tor network and I do not reccomend using your node without Tor. You can however connect to your node with Pleb on your home network by using the same host you used to SSH into your node.

Testing with polar

Download Polar for testing locally

As of now, Pleb only supports LND.

Road map

  • Connecting through Tor
  • Optional pins (Android & IOS) and Face ID (IOS)
  • Keysends
  • On-chain transactions
  • Deep links
  • LNURL withdraw request


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