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This package offers a range of utilities for Firestore and Fire Storage, including CRUD operations and other essential functions. You can easily perform common database operations and efficiently store and manage data, allowing you to focus on developing the core functionality of your app.


To use Firebase Utils in your project, add the following dependency to your pubspec.yaml file

  firebase_utils: ^<latest-version>

Then run flutter pub get to install the package.


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Firestore Utilities

Import the package in your Dart code

import 'package:firebase_utils/entity/firestore_doc.dart';
import 'package:firebase_utils/firebase/firestore_service.dart';

Create an Entity UserInfo which can extends FireStoreDoc or TimeStampedFireStoreDoc. If you need createdDate and updatedDate fields in firestore table then extends with TimeStampedFireStoreDoc.

class UserInfo extends FireStoreDoc {
  final String name;
  final String email;
  final String profileImage;

      {required, required, required this.profileImage});

  Map<String, dynamic> toMap() => <String, dynamic>{
        'name': name,
        'email': email,
        'profileImage': profileImage,

  factory UserInfo.fromMap(Map<String, dynamic> map) => UserInfo(
        name: map['name'] as String,
        email: map['email'] as String,
        profileImage: map['profileImage'] as String,

Create a collection reference of users. users is a collection type of UserInfo in firestore db

CollectionReference<UserInfo> get _userCollectionRef =>
          'users', (snapshot, _) => UserInfo.fromMap(!));

Get a instance of FireStoreService to perform all Firestore operations.

final FireStoreService firestoreService =  FireStoreService.getInstance(FirebaseFirestore.instance)

Fetch all documents of collection in Streams

firestoreService.getListStream(_userCollectionRef).listen((event) {
    List<UserInfo> = event

Insert data

firestoreService.add(UserInfo(name: 'abc',email: '[email protected]',profileImage:'imageUrl'),_userCollectionRef)

Delete Object

await fireStoreService.delete(_userCollectionRef.doc(docId));

You can use all other functions for Firestore operations defined in FireStoreService.

FirebaseStorage Utilities

Import the package in your Dart code

import 'package:firebase_utils/firebase/firebase_storage_service.dart';

Get a instance of FirebaseStorageService to perform all FirebaseStorage operations.

final FirebaseStorageService firebaseStorageService =  FirebaseStorageService.getInstance( FirebaseStorage.instance)

Upload a file

firebaseStorageService.updateFileAndGetUrl(downloadUrl, file)



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