• A quiz app with Decent questions, Minimalistic UI and a dash of Tangy Randomness ;D


  • This is my First Flutter project that I made for my CS50x Final Project. Spending just about 12hrs and being able to make a full-fledged app that works on Android and IOS is a possibility that I still stand astonished by, all thanks to the immense potential of Flutter that empowered me to do so!

  • The app in itself is Fairly Simple, yet it has an element of randomness to it that intrigues the user, giving them something new to always look forward to ;D

Why I chose Flutter

Honestly, because it makes coding for Apps so simple!

  • We don’t need to know Objective C/Swift for IOS, or Java for Android!
  • Just one single app that can run on both the platforms!
  • It is managed by Google so no scope for worry!
  • Because I wish to Digitalize my father’s business by gifting him an app, hence my journey as an App developer! ?

What Inspired Me to make a QuizApp.

  • The Udemy course that I am following to learn Dart & Flutter by Maximilian Schwarzm├╝ller.
  • I highly recommend this course for anyone willing to make efficient apps with relative ease! ?
  • Link to the Course

My Experience

  • It’s been a Smooth Ride as I followed parts of the course tutorial to increase my knowledge about Flutter, however parts like the FloatingActionButton at the bottom were something that I had to look for myself ;p
  • Despite the time and efforts it took to implement these features, they are what make our QuizApp stand out and offer something unique to our user!
  • Now even tho the Flutter Docs are super aesthetic, it was quite hard to wrap my mind around the multi-child layout widgets as I looked for something to be the base for the UI ?
  • Alas I did manage to work my way around with a Stack Widget, similar to how ‘sticking around the barber’s shop long enough does get one the haircut’ ;p

About The App

  • The Main files in quiz_app/lib are as follows:


  • The main executable file that contains the head QuizApp class, a stateful widget, responsible for rendering the main UI for the app.
  • I have used the MaterialApp library provided by Flutter to source the Base structure and added my special touch to it! ?
  • It has the _questions list of maps with all the questions and their answers (another list ;p) being the individual map entries.
  • It also holds the _changeQuestion() and _reset() functions that do as their name suggests ;p
  • Also Responsible for the FloatingActionButton at the bottom-right corner ?

It’s always better to have More Widgets, than less, for they make it easier to manage and look at the Code!


  • Holds the Quiz widget, a stateless one; meaning it doesn’t update with the screen but is rather static after instantiation.
  • It takes in two named arguments:
    1. the data, with the questionText and list of answers; and.
    2. the callback function
  • It uses two other widgets I made – Question and Answer, to then render the specific Trivia! ?


  • Holds the stateless widget, Question.
  • It takes in the questionText, i.e., the Question.
  • This simply outputs a Container widget holding a Text widget with the questionText and some Trivial Styling ;p


  • Holds the stateless widget, Answer.
  • It takes the answerText and the callBack function handleAnswer.
  • Generates and returns a custom-styled ElevatedButton Widget as an Answer choice! ?


  • Holds the Result widget (Stateless), that is rendered by main.dart upon completion of the Quiz.
  • Takes in the score parameter and the function callBack reset.
  • Responsible for the Play Again widget (ElevatedButton) and linking it to reset.
  • Returns a Container widget with the ElevatedButton and the Text widgets showing the result and the score.
  • Also returns a FloatingActionButton widget with a random color to reward the Player for completion ?

Testing Status

  • The app has been tested only on android for I don’t have a Mac unfortunately! ?
  • It only supports vertical orientation for now, however I plan to make it responsive by changing the base Widget to a ListView soon! ?
  • It has been tested on Android versions 8+, it should work smoothly on prior versions too, unless there’s a significant cut out in memory.

How to Try it out


  • Install and Run the app-debug.apk in quiz_app/build/app/outputs/apk/debug/app-debug.apk


With courage in our hearts and ambition in our thought, we can do anything!

  • Import the project into X-code.
  • Run the app on a VM if you wish OR connect you IOS device and run it on it! ?

Ideas that may be implemented for Improvement

  • Incorporate User-Input and show the user their Name with the result, etc.
  • Use an Online source to get Fresh Questions; increase the number and broaden the variety of Questions.
  • Utilize storage to store liked color codes, high score, etc.
  • Allow the User to Share their Score or Color via native sharing options.

I would love to collaborate with fellow Developers willing to improve their App Development Skills and Learn together! <3 ;D

Final Words

  • A Huge Thanks to CS50 for giving me this opportunity to learn practical Computer Science from one of the best faculties in the world! <3 ?
  • And, as David J Malan would say, this was CS50!


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