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Flutter App Template

“Flutter App Template” is a project that introduces an approach to architecture and project structure for developing Flutter apps.

State Management


Code Generation



Flutter Hooks

Project settings

Category Description Codes
FVM Flutter Version Management .fvm/fvm_config.json
Dart Dart version pubspec.yaml
Dart Lint / Analyze analysis_options.yaml


dev, stg, prod

Project structure

  • lib/
    • commons/
    • domain/
    • presentation/
    • main.dart

Setup for using the template

  1. Replace App ID with your App ID. jp.co.altive.fat -> your.domain.id
  2. Change CFBundleName and CFBundleDisplayName in ios/Runner/info.plist to your app name.
  3. Change FlutterAT in defaultConfig/resValue of android/app/build.gradle to your app name.
  4. Create a project in Firebase.
  5. Create an Android app, download google-services.json, and place it in android/app/src/{dev or stg or prod}.
  6. Create an iOS app, download GoogleService-Info.plist, and place it in ios/{dev or stg or prod}.
  7. Modify GOOGLE_REVERSED_CLIENT_ID in {dev, stg, prod}.xcconfig to match the contents of each GoogleService-Info.plist.
  8. Create a Web app and modify the parameters in firebaseConfig in web/index.html according to the Firebase SDK additions. – apiKey, authDomain, databaseURL, projectId, storageBucket, messagingSenderId, appId, measurementId

How to add a package

# Package
flutter create -t package packages/{package_name}
# App
flutter create --org jp.co.altive packages/{app_name}

Reference list

Internationalization User Guild PresentationDomainSeparation Flutter Architecture Blueprints

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