A personal project desgined to be a website aggregator. The program gathers ‘posts’ from various websites, whether through APIs or HTML scraping and displays them in one place. Allows launching said posts in the browser


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The majority of data processing is handled through the WebsiteFolder object. This object performs functions including:

  • Reading/Writing to files
  • API calls

A <WebsiteFolder> object will hold a 2d list of <Website> objects in the attribute <websiteList>. Index i of websiteList is a list of <Website> objects corresponding to the ones dictated by <websiteTypes> (index 0 is a list of <RedditWebsite>, index 1 is a list of <GamerPowerWebsite>, etc.)

Calling WebsiteFolder methods more often than not calls a <Website> object method on every <Website> object in <this.websiteList> and puts together the results.


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