a pure dart package for managing app strings in dart particularly internationalization


  • keep your project strings DRY
  • Translate all your project strings easily on the fly with one method call

Getting started

add this to your pubspec.yaml file

dependencies: string_manager:


import 'package:string_manager/string_manager.dart';void main() async {  StringManager stringManager = StringManger(    language: 'en', //your default language  );  await stringManager.initialize(); //you must initialize stringManager first  stringManager.reg('hello world'); //register your project strings    await stringManager.translate('yo'); //translate your strings to any language (Yoruba in this case) using google translate    print(stringManger.resources); //output: ["Mo ki O Ile Aiye"]}

note that the stringManger.reg('yourString') method returns your registered string, ie:

    //...    print(stringManger.reg('hello world')); //output: hello world    //...

Additional information

If you face any errors kindly create an issue, and if you wish to add a feature I will be more thanhappy to merge your PR

Enjoy your internationalization redefined. ?


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