Movie App

A movie app made in Flutter with clean architecture using BLoC, Hive and the movie db API.


  • Search feature
  • Watchlist feature
  • Now playing movies
  • Popular movies
  • Top rated movies
  • Movie details
  • Movie cast
  • Movie reviews
  • Similar movies
  • On air tv shows
  • Popular tv shows
  • Top rated tv shows
  • TV show details
  • Similar tv shows
  • TV show season details



1. Clone the repo

git clone
cd flutter-movie-app

2. Run pub get

flutter pub get

3. Add your API key into api_constants file

apiKey = 'YOUR_API_KEY';

4. Run the app

flutter run



This app is based on Build a Movie App – FlutterFlow YouTube video by @abuanwar072, special thanks to Abu Anwar for his amazing videos and tutorials!


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