Location Sharing App

This is a mobile application to share your realtime location with GPS tracking and stay connected with your friends, families and co-workers.

It is built using Flutter with Firebase and Firestore to handle the authentication of users and data management.

Using the APK

  • The pre-built .apk file for the app can be downloaded here.
  • Open the file in your android device. If prompted, open using Google Drive and then Package Installer.
  • Give necessary permissions to start the installation and start using the application.


If you face an error of missing dependencies, try running flutter pub get.


  • Live Location Sharing between members of a group using Location Markers on Google Maps.

    Screenshot 2021-07-26 235949

  • Form multiple groups with your friends or family easily and share your location with each other.


  • Users can login either by creating an account or sign-in using their Google accounts as well.


  • Users have an option to edit their name and profile picture after creating an account.


How the Location Sharing Works?

  • The device gets its continous location updates from GPS using the Google Maps API.
  • Location data for the user is updated in their respective firestore documents, and subsequently in the group documents.
  • Other devices sharing goups with the first user read that firebase firestore document and show the marker in the stored location.


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