Spending Tracker Flutter Home Screen

This recreates a ui design for a spending tracker app in Flutter.

This Flutter project recreates a minimal home screen design for a spending tracker app. The mockup was created by @elainelumanauw.design on Dribble.

I saw the mockup on instagram in one of Elaine's reels and thought it would be cool to try recreating it functionally in Flutter.

What it looks like in Flutter

The original design mocks

Running this project

flutter run in the project directory.

Project Structure

The files specifically added/edited for the project are:

  • assets
    • ...images for the 3 categories
  • lib/constants
    • app_colors.dart, which contains an abstracts constants-encapsulating class for some common colors.
  • lib/models
    • spending_category_model.dart to encapsulate information about each category
  • lib/screens
    • home_screen.dart, which contains the main/home screen of the app.
  • lib/widgets
    • ...All the widgets used in the home screen
  • lib/main.dart