Codename: Maily

Mail app for iOS, Android and hopefully more platforms in the future. Developed in Flutter.

Test Maily

You can test an early access version of Maily today:

Screenshots Android








  • POP and IMAP service providers are supported, though POP accounts are not tested at this moment
  • Multiple account support
  • Unified account - when you have at least 2 accounts, a unified account will show up automatically - with unified inbox, sent, trash, etc
  • Mail management: delete, mark as read/unread
  • Unsubscribe from newslettters easily
  • View attachments in app - photos, PDFs, video and audio files
  • Compose messages: compose new messages and reply to/forward mails with WYSIWG editor
  • Save and continue draft messages
  • Attach photo-, audio-, video- or generic files. Attach your current location.
  • Swipe right to left to delete and swipe left to right to mark as read/unread
  • Personalizae swipe actions
  • Optionally you can block external images when viewing mails
  • You can specify aliases and check for + alias support by your mail provider
  • Swipe left or right in the message details to view the next/previous message
  • Experimental 'stack' display of messages
  • Share received attachments to other apps and forward attachments to a new message
  • Share files to Maily
  • Search for messages, including universal search
  • Delete all messages in trash and junk folders or in a search result
  • Archive messages
  • Mark messages as junk / not junk
  • Forward messages as attachments - or forward only the attachments of the selected messages
  • Select several messages at once with a long press
  • Localized in English and German
  • Supports dark and light theme and you can also change the color scheme.
  • Shows thread information and allows to access the full thread when the mail service supports the THREAD IMAP extension.
  • Add animated GIFs and stickers (powered by Giphy)
  • Display attached messages
  • Request and send read receipts
  • Extensible by email service providers, companies and developers