Resto Finder

Restofinder is a simple application that displays a list of restaurants closest to our location with several specific types and menus served. This project uses the Zoomato API to search for restaurants, so we have to make Zoomato apikey first.


Apps Feature:

  • Get Nearby Restaurant

  • Get Collections

  • Get Restaurant By Collection

  • Restaurant Details

  • Search Restaurant

  • Geocoding & GPS System


    1. You must create the Zoomato Key API on the site Zoomato Developer
    2. Enter the Api Key that has been created on the auth utils as follows:
      ** lib / core / utils / auth_utils.dart **
class AuthUtils {
   static AuthUtils instance = AuthUtils ();

   // * Insert with your Zoomato API KEY
   Future getToken () async {
     return "<YOUR ZOOMATO API KEY>";