Spotube is a Flutter based lightweight spotify client. It utilizes the power of Spotify & Youtube’s public API & creates a hazardless, performant & resource friendly User Experience
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Following are the features that currently spotube offers:

  • Open Source
  • No telementry, diagnostics or user data collection
  • Lightweight & resource friendly
  • Native performance (Thanks to Flutter+Skia)
  • Playback control is on user’s machine instead of server based
  • Small size & less data hungry
  • No spotify or youtube ads since it uses all public & free APIs (But it’s recommended to support the creators by watching/liking/subscribing to the artists youtube channel or add as favourite track in spotify. Mostly buying spotify premium is the best way to support their valuable creations)
  • Lyrics
  • Downloadable track (WIP)


I’m always releasing newer versions of binary of the software each 2-3 month with minor changes & each 6-8 month with major changes. Grab the binaries

All the binaries are located in the releases, just download


Download the setup file & follow along the installer


Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint/Pop_!OS:

Download the Spotube-linux-x86_64.deb then double click it or run

$ sudo apt install Spotube-linux-x86_64.deb
# or
$ sudo dpkg -i Spotube-linux-x86_64.deb

in the directory where it was downloaded


Run following terminal

# for `yay` users
$ yay -S spotube
# for `pamac` users
$ pamac install spotube


Download the Spotube-linux-x86_64.AppImage file & double click to run it. AppImages require appimage-launcher to be installed

I’ll/try to upload the package binaries to linux debian/arch/ubuntu/snap/flatpack/redhat/chocolatey stores or software centers or repositories


There are some configurations that needs to be done to start using this software

You need a spotify account & a developer app for

  • clientId
  • clientSecret

Grab credentials:

  • Go to & login with your spotify account (Skip if you’re logged in)
    Step 1

  • Create an web app for Spotify Public API
    step 2

  • Give the app a name & description. Then Edit settings & add http://localhost:4304/auth/spotify/callback as Redirect URI for the app. Its important for authenticating

  • Click on SHOW CLIENT SECRET to reveal the clientSecret. Then copy the clientID, clientSecret & paste in the Spotube’s respective fields

Also, you need a genius account for lyrics & a API Client for

  • accessToken

Note!: No personal data or any kind of sensitive information won’t be collected from spotify. Don’t believe? See the code for yourself


  • Compile, Debug & Build for MacOS
  • Add support for show Lyric of currently playing track
  • Track download
  • Support for playing/streaming podcasts/shows
  • Artist, User & Album pages

Building from source

  • Download the latest Flutter SDK (>=2.15.1) & enable desktop support
  • Install Development dependencies in linux
    • libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev & libkeybinder-3.0-0 (for Debian/Ubuntu)
    • webkit2gtk & libkeybinder3 (for Arch/Manjaro)
  • Clone the Repo

$ flutter pub get
$ flutter run -d <window|macos|linux>

Things that don’t work

  • Shows & Podcasts aren’t supported as it’d require premium anyway
  • OS Media Controls
  • Global Media Shortcuts/Keyboard Media Buttons

Social handlers

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