A minimalist, lightweight and multi-platform real-time unit conversion app that keeps it simple and useful.

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  • Minimalistic style
  • Made in Flutter to run natively on phones as a very lightweight app, at about 7mb.
  • Real-time conversion
  • Four different types of units to convert.
  • Light and Dark modes.
  • Based on my own original Figma prototype you can find here


App Screenshot

App Screenshot

Libraries used

Run locally (as an Android app)

You can download the version that bests suits your phone’s architecture from the Releases tab, and install it as an APK.

Run locally (as a webapp)

You will need flutter installed in your computer to run this app.

Clone the project

  git clone https://github.com/maximoospital/Convapp.git

Go to the project directory

  cd Convapp

Install requirements

  flutter pub get

Run app

  flutter run -d chrome

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