nav_router is the simplest / lightweight / convenient routing management solution for flutter. It supports various routing animations, and it is very convenient to jump / pass parameters. To jump to a new page, just routePush (NewPage ());


  • 2020.07.04-Test Flutter 1.17.3

  • 2020.06.03-Cancel pop default empty string data

  • 2020.02.28 – Fix pop method of dev branch flutter error.

Getting started

Add dependency

  nav_router: any #Specific version customization (any means latest)

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Then use flutter packages upgrade to update flutter plugin packages

Sample project

There is a pretty sweet example project in the example folder. Check it out. Otherwise, keep reading to get up and running.

Setting up

  • 1.Import our plugin on the page of MaterialApp
import 'package:nav_router/nav_router.dart';
  • 2.Write navGK value in navigatorKey property of MaterialApp

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return new MaterialApp(
      title: '',
      navigatorKey: navGK,
  • 3.Then, we can start using it, here is an example of a jump page

Widget buildItem(RouteModel item) {
  return new FlatButton(
    onPressed: () => routePush(new NewPage()),
    child: new Text('Click to jump'),
  • 4.If we want to use other routing animations to jump, we can add jump properties later, such as: gradient animation
routePush(new NewPage(), RouterType.fade);

Parameter passing

Way 1:

Normally push the new page, but add Then at the back, the v behind is the data brought back by the page after we jump, and then we print it out.

routePush(NewPage()).then((v) {
  print('I received::$v');

Then our new page will pop the return value. Add our parameters directly in the pop and then the brackets. It can be any type of parameter value. After that, what we wrote above will receive the parameters we returned this time with the past.

  onPressed: () {
    pop('This is the parameter');
  child: Text('Return with parameters'),

Way 2:

Method two can use our NavData, first add the NavData type parameter to the page we want to push to,

class NewPage extends StatlessWidget {
  final NavData navData;


Then the following judges whether the navData is empty, that is, whether the superior has received this method, and if so, returns it with parameters.

  onPressed: () {
    if(navData == null) return;
    widget.navData('NavData mode parameter transmission');
  child: Text('Return with parameters'),

Then the place where we push can use navData to receive the value and print it out.

routePush(NewPage(navData: (v) {
    print('I received::$v');

Effect map

1.gif 2.gif 3.gif
4.gif 5.gif 6.gif
7.gif 8.gif 9.gif

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Apache License 2.0

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Contributors provide an express grant of patent rights. 
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