A json serialize class to convert to and from json format DateTime and custom classes.


Jsonize solves the problem of serializing and deserializing into undefined structures.

By default Jsonize supports DateTime serialization in any place of your data structure

  List<dynamic> myList = [1, "Hello!", DateTime.now()];
  var jsonRep = Jsonize.toJson(myList);
  var myDeserializedList = Jsonize.fromJson(jsonRep);

Jsonize also supports your own classes. You can registrer a type or let your class implement the [Jsonizable] interface.

class MyClass implements Jsonizable<MyClass> {
  String? str;
  factory MyClass.empty() => MyClass();

  // Jsonizable implementation
  String get jsonClassCode => "mc";
  dynamic toJson() => str;
  MyClass? fromJson(value) => MyClass(value);

void main() {
  Map<String, dynamic> myMap = {
    "my_num": 1,
    "my_str": "Hello!",
    "my_dt": DateTime.now(),
    "my_class": MyClass("here I am!")
  var jsonRep = Jsonize.toJson(myMap);
  var myDeserializedMap = Jsonize.fromJson(jsonRep);

Jsonize.toJson(…) allows indentation for a bigger but more user readable json format.

For more comples examples like subclasses, please refer to the examples section.

Additional information

Since current Dart implementation does not support reflection, Jsonize requires what I would define as two extra steps.

  1. register all your types/classes you want to serialize
  2. In case of implementing the Jsonizable interface, you will need to register a class instance (e.g. factory MyClass.empty() => …)

I hope future Dart releases will suport better reflaction and type handling.


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