WSL2 Distro Manager

A quick way to manage your WSL2 instances with a GUI.



This app is available on the Windows Store or as a direct download from the Releases page.

As you have come this far here is a promo code for the Windows Store (RR7D2-HR3MF-46GHC-P6Y3F-WPCYZ). You are welcome to support this project by buying it though ?


Enable Flutter Desktop flutter config --enable-windows-desktop


WSL2 is great. It makes it very simple to spin up new workplaces with different systems for the project you need or just testing.

How to use

Fairly simple. Download the latest release from the releases Page and start wsl2distromanager.exe

What works

  • Starting the program. YAY!
  • List WSL
  • Copy WSL
  • Delete WSL
  • Start WSL
  • Rename WSL
  • Create WSL
  • Download WSL
  • Select rootfs from storage


  • There won’t be Linux support. Just WSL2.


This project is made with Flutter for Desktop ?