Reatime Location based Weather App

This app can take your current GPS location and show the weather updates in realtime.

Application Details:

Architecture: FLutter SDK
Platform: Android and iOS
Application Size: 9 MB (Approx.)
Version: 1.01

Development Details:


  • Sync with current location.
  • Update automatically.
  • Show current wind speed, cloud status and humidity.
  • Get current location’s name.
  • Fetch hourly updates of next 12 Hours.
  • Fetch 7 days forecast.
  • Elegant UI/UX


OpenWeatherMap is an online service, owned by OpenWeather Ltd, that provides global weather data via API, including current weather data, forecasts, nowcasts and historical weather data for any geographical location. The company provides a minute-by-minute hyperlocal precipitation forecast for any location

Flutter State Management: GetX

Third Party Flutter Packages used:

Feel free contact the developers for any queries. Email: [email protected] Telegram: @RooBiiinnn

APP UI Screenshots


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