Waterfly III

Unofficial Android App for Firefly III, a free and open source personal finance manager.

The app design is heavily influenced by Bluecoins.


The app is still pretty much work in progress, but basic features already do work:

  • General
    • Light & Dark Mode
    • Translation Ready – help to translate via Crowdin!
    • Listen to incoming notifications (e.g., from Google Pay or your banking app) and pre-fill transactions
  • Dashboard
    • Multiple charts for the current balance & recent history
    • Budget overview for last 30 days
  • Transactions
    • List transactions by date, including filters
    • Add & edit transactions with autocomplete, including attachments, split transactions & multi currency support
  • Balance Sheet
    • List individual balances
  • Piggy Banks
    • View Piggy Banks
    • Add/Remove money from Piggy Banks
  • Accounts
    • List all asset/expense/revenue/liability accounts

Planned Features

The app does not try to replicate every single feature that the Webinterface has. Instead, it tries to be a good companion to access the most used functions on-the-go. More in-depth operations such as creating or deleting asset accounts, creating or modifying rules etc. are not planned.

  • More filter options
  • … and more.


All made with a Google Pixel 5.

Dashboard Transactions Balance Sheet
Transaction Edit Split Transaction Transaction Attachments


The app is built using Flutter, and tries to keep to the Material 3 design guidelines. Additionally, I try to keep the app as “lean” as possible, without external trackers or unneeded dependency on external packages.


Having troubles with Bluecoins syncing across devices and not always storing attachments online, I was looking for a self-hosted alternative and discovered Firefly III. After a quick script to migrate from Bluecoins to Firefly, the only thing left was to download an app to easy track expenses on-the-go… or so I thought.

Unfortunately, I discovered that the existing Android Apps for Firefly III are either outdated or very buggy and hardly maintained. Always wanting to use Flutter for something, I started to make my own app, modeling it after the Bluecoins app I used so far and whose interface I really liked.


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