A Flutter widget for rendering HTML and CSS as Flutter widgets.

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Add the following to your pubspec.yaml file:

      rhtml5: ^0.0.1

Currently Supported HTML Tags:

a abbr acronym address article aside audio b bdi bdo big
blockquote body br caption cite code data dd del details dfn
div dl dt em figcaption figure footer font h1 h2 h3
h4 h5 h6 header hr i iframe img ins kbd li
main mark nav noscript ol p pre q rp rt ruby
s samp section small span strike strong sub sup summary svg
table tbody td template tfoot th thead time tr tt u
ul var video math: mrow msup msub mover munder msubsup moverunder
mfrac mlongdiv msqrt mroot mi mn mo

Currently Supported CSS Attributes:

background-color color direction display font-family font-feature-settings font-size
font-style font-weight height letter-spacing line-height list-style-type list-style-position
padding margin text-align text-decoration text-decoration-color text-decoration-style text-decoration-thickness
text-shadow vertical-align white-space width word-spacing

Currently Supported Inline CSS Attributes:

background-color border (including specific directions) color direction display font-family font-feature-settings
font-size font-style font-weight line-height list-style-type list-style-position padding (including specific directions)
margin (including specific directions) text-align text-decoration text-decoration-color text-decoration-style text-shadow

Don’t see a tag or attribute you need? File a feature request or contribute to the project!


Widget html = Html(
    data: """
       <h1>Table support:</h1>
       <col width="50%" />
       <col span="2" width="25%" />
       <td rowspan='2'>Rowspan<br>Rowspan<br>Rowspan<br>Rowspan<br>Rowspan<br>Rowspan<br>Rowspan<br>Rowspan<br>Rowspan<br>Rowspan</td><td>Data</td><td>Data</td>
       <td colspan="2"><img alt='Google' src='' /></td>
    style: {
      // tables will have the below background color
      "table": Style(
        backgroundColor: Color.fromARGB(0x50, 0xee, 0xee, 0xee),
      // some other granular customizations are also possible
      "tr": Style(
        border: Border(bottom: BorderSide(color: Colors.grey)),
      "th": Style(
        padding: EdgeInsets.all(6),
        backgroundColor: Colors.grey,
      "td": Style(
        padding: EdgeInsets.all(6),
        alignment: Alignment.topLeft,
      // text that renders h1 elements will be red
      "h1": Style(color:,


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