flutter bloc/cubit with github graph ql

A Flutter project to consume github Graphql API. where we fetch the list of issue from flutter repository and we perfom sorting and filtering.

Getting Started

This project is using build_runner to generate the boilerplate code, so we can keep focusing on the real code

A few resources to get you started for this project:

Architecture note

The Domain layer

Contains all the use cases, Entities and the definitions of our repository for the project we have a single use that will represent one task that should be done we also have usecase which group all the usecases that is related to one feature

The Data layer

Contains the data sources either remote or locale for now there is only remote data source that will fetch the content from the API.

we also have the repository implementation within this layer that will be responsible of declaring the implementation from the domain layer and for sure will be responsible of fetching the data and handling the data from local/remote sources

The Presentation layer

Contains all the views, widgets and their components

The infrastructure layer

Will have all the abstract classes/generics/routing and dependency injection

Running the project

To run the project you need first to open the terminal and type: flutter packages pub run build_runner build –delete-conflicting-outputs


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