A plugin to use multiple app icon on Android and iOS.

If you don’t know yet, you can use multiple app icon in an iOS app from 10.3. in android, you can do this using activity-alias. You can accomplish this in your flutter app by using this plugin

Getting Started

First, add variable_app_icon as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

  variable_app_icon: ^0.0.1

Don’t forget to flutter pub get.


1. Setting the app icons (Android)

Drop you app icons in mipmap folders. Then in AndroidManifest.xml for each icon use like this,

<!-- Use this for each icon -->
    android:name="appicon.DEFAULT" <!-- here is your icon id, this can be anything but keep at least one dot -->
    android:enabled="true" <!-- set true for default icon, for others' set false-->
    android:icon="@mipmap/ic_launcher" <!-- icon location-->
    android:targetActivity=".MainActivity"> <!-- main activity -->
<action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
<category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />

Remove label, icon attribute from the application tag.

Remove <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" /> from the main activity’s <intent-filter>.

2. Setting the app icons (iOS)

Open your ios project i.e. Runner in Xcode, then go to Build Settings tab. Now search icon, you will find Assets Catalog Compiler Options. Set Include All App Icon Assets to Yes. Then add all the icons name to the Alternate App Icon Sets.

3. From the flutter side

In main function set this two variable,

VariableAppIcon.iOSDefaultAppIcon = iosAppIcons[0]; // default ios icon
VariableAppIcon.androidAppIconIds = androidIconIds; // all android icons ids, this is the android:name, you have specified in `AndroidManifest.xml` file. like, ["appicon.DEFAULT", others]

Call this method to change app icon.

 await VariableAppIcon.changeAppIcon(
androidIconId: "appicon.TEAL",
iosIcon: "AppIcon2);

See the example app for complete example.

You are done. Enjoy!






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This package is created by Shahriar Nasim Nafi


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