A Flutter plugin to fully support Haptic feedback with custom pattern.

? What is it ?

Gaimon is a very simple & easy to use plugin to include Haptic feedback in your app. It support custom pattern with .ahap file support.

? Getting started

  • Import the plugin.
import 'package:gaimon/gaimon.dart';
  • Trigger haptic ?.

// [...]

Quite simple right ? ?

? Documentation

Name Description Android iOS
.selection() Use it on a tap event
.error() Use it when an error occur
.success() Use it when a successful event occur
.warning() Use it when a warning event occur
.heavy() Huge feedback
.medium() Medium feedback
.light() Light feedback
.rigid() A huge but speed feedback
.soft() A medium but speed feedback
.pattern(String data) Read a custom .ahap file (you can use Captain AHAP to generate file) ⛔️

? Roadmap

  • Support pattern for Android (send .ahap file & convert it to waveform).
  • Support audio file to haptic feedback (generate correct feedback for audio file).


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