Capture Error

Capture Error is a flutter plugin specifically designed for capturing unhandled exceptions on native android.

To test this plugin, there are 2 ways:

  1. Use the built-in example app.
  2. Integrate the plugin into your app.

A detailed description of how to use is given below.

1. Use the built-in example app


  1. Clone the library in your local machine.
  2. Run the project.
  3. Click on the floating action button.


An entire explanation of the application as well as the exception is given within the app itself. To summarize, clicking on the floating action button triggers a native function (android only) i.e “checkVowel”. Since on the native side, it accepts a string, and we are explicitly passing an integer, it is an unhandled type mismatch exception. You’ll be notified that the error occurred by a Toast Message with an error snippet in it.

2. Integrate the plugin into your app


  1. Copy the git link below.
  2. Go to your project’s pubspec.yaml file.

  3. Add captureerror as a dependency as shown below

  4. Go to the entry point of your application (main function inside main.dart) and use the library as shown below.

        () => runApp(const MyApp()),
        postRequestUrl: "",
        onErrorCallBack: (error, stackTrack) {},
        onHttpRequestFailedCallback: (error, stacktrace){}
        headers: {}
  5. Make sure you have imported the plugin before using it.

    import 'package:catcherror/catcherror.dart';
  6. The first callback for initFunction is compulsory and it should be the top-level function where the code execution starts.

  7. Optional parameters.

    • postRequestUrl: This accepts a URL that can be used to post the error and stacktrace once it is captured.

    • onErrorCallBack: This callback is triggered after the error is captured. It can be used to show dialogs and toast messages to notify the user.

    • onHttpRequestFailedCallback: If you pass an empty string to the postRequestUrl or some not supported string, it again is captured as an unhandled native exception. This callback can be used in that scenario.

    • headers: You can pass headers for your post request API here.

  8. And that’s it! Your application is ready to capture every unhandled native android exception.


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