A Flutter plugin that allows you to detect how your application was installed.

Supported platforms

  • Android: ✅
  • iOS: ✅

Feel free to open a PR to support new platforms.


  1. Add install_referrer: ^1.2.1 to your pubspec.yaml file.
  2. Import import 'package:install_referrer/install_referrer.dart';
  3. Get the value by invoking the Future InstallReferrer.referrer

Possibles values


Store Value
Google Play InstallationAppReferrer.androidGooglePlay
Amazon App Store InstallationAppReferrer.androidAmazonAppStore
Huawei App Gallery InstallationAppReferrer.androidHuaweiAppGallery
Oppo App Market InstallationAppReferrer.androidOppoAppMarket
Samsung App Shop InstallationAppReferrer.androidSamsungAppShop
Vivo App Store InstallationAppReferrer.androidVivoAppStore
Xiaomi App Store InstallationAppReferrer.androidXiaomiAppStore
Others InstallationAppReferrer.androidManually

If the application was installed from a third party app (eg: GMail, Google Drive, Chrome…), it will be considered as a manual installation (InstallationAppReferrer.androidManually).

If the application was installed from a store (FDroid, Amazon App Shop…) which was not preinstalled on the device (a "non-system" app), it will also be considered as a manual installation (InstallationAppReferrer.androidManually).

If the Android application is in debug mode, it will be marked as InstallationAppReferrer.androidDebug.


Store Value
App Store InstallationAppReferrer.iosAppStore
Test Flight InstallationAppReferrer.iosTestFlight

If the iOS application is in debug mode (eg: from the simulator), it will be marked as InstallationAppReferrer.iosDebug.

Package name

You can also get the package name (Android) or app id (iOS), by calling instead


If you want to receive the result directly in a Widget, you have two choices: InstallReferrerDetectorListener and InstallReferrerDetectorBuilder :

  builder: (BuildContext context, InstallationApp? app) {
    if (app == null) {
      return const CircularProgressIndicator.adaptive();
    } else {
      return Text(
        'Package name:\n${app.packageName ?? 'Unknown'}\n'
  child: YourWidget(),
    onReferrerAvailable: (InstallationApp? app) {
      // TODO