A Flutter package to visually assess the strength of a password using a customizable strength bar.


  • Visual representation of password strength using a strength bar.
  • Customize the width, thickness, radius, and colors of the strength bar.
  • Control the animation duration and curve for a smooth user experience.
  • Define a callback function to receive the strength value of the password.
  • Implement a custom strength builder to calculate the strength of the password based on your own criteria.
  • Choose from different styles for the appearance of the strength bar.




To use this package, add password_strength_indicator as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


Import the package:

import 'package:password_strength_indicator/password_strength_indicator.dart';

To use the PasswordStrengthIndicator widget, simply provide the desired parameters:

  width: 200, // Change the width of the strength bar
  thickness: 12, // Change the thickness of the strength bar
  backgroundColor: Colors.grey, // Change the background color of the strength bar
  radius: 8, // Change the radius of the strength bar
  colors: StrengthColors(
    // Customize the colors of the strength bar
    medium: Colors.yellow,
  duration: Duration(milliseconds: 300), // Set the animation duration
  curve: Curves.easeOut, // Set the animation curve
  callback: (double strength) {
    // Receive the strength value of the password
    print('Password Strength: $strength');
  strengthBuilder: (String password) {
    // Implement a custom strength builder to calculate the strength based on your criteria
    // Return a value between 0.0 (too weak) and 1.0 (very strong)
    // Example:
    return password.length / 10;
  style: StrengthBarStyle.line, // Choose a style for the strength bar


Contributions to this package are welcome! If you find a bug or have any suggestions, feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request on the GitHub repository.


This package is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.

Developed with ❤️ by Thaanu Perera

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