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Iconify Flutter

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Not just another icon library. it’s +100 open source iconsets to make your flutter apps more beautiful.

How to use? ?

As easy as this

import 'package:iconify_flutter/iconify_flutter.dart';
import 'package:iconify_flutter/icons/zondicons.dart'; // for Non Colorful Icons
import 'package:colorful_iconify_flutter/icons/emojione.dart'; // for Colorful Icons

// as widgets

Discover All Icons ?️

To explore all the icons, Click Here

How to use svg as icon with iconify ✏️

import 'package:iconify_flutter/iconify_flutter.dart';


const String svgIcon =
'<svg xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" aria-hidden="true" role="img" class="iconify iconify--ic" width="32" height="32" preserveAspectRatio="xMidYMid meet" viewBox="0 0 24 24"><path fill="#000000" d="M3 3h18v18H3z"></path></svg>
' // svg file as string

Iconify(svgIcon) // as a widget

Get list of all icons of specific icon set ?

import 'package:iconify_flutter/icons/zondicons.dart';

Zondicons.iconsList // List of all icons of VS Code icon set

Important Note ❗

All icon sets are free but Some collections require attribution when used for commercial purposes. See This List of collections and their licenses.

Thanks to ?

@cyberalien for his awesome icon framework Iconify which this package based on

@antfu for his site icones

@IconDesigners who own icon sets

@You for using this package and supporting me by sharing it among the flutter community

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