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Key Definition

  • A package that gives us a modern way to show animated border as a placeholder while loading our widget with easy customization and ready to use.


animated_loading_border animated_loading_border

Basic Usage

Import it to your project file

import 'package:animated_loading_border/animated_loading_border.dart';

And add it in its most basic form like it:

  child: Container(),
  controller: (animationController) {
     // Here we get animationController     

Required parameters of AnimatedLoadingBorder

Parameter Description
Widget child The child contained by the AnimatedLoadingBorder

Optional parameters of AnimatedLoadingBorder

Parameter Default Description
ValueChanged? controller Callback that gives the AnimationController of the AnimatedLoadingBorder
Duration duration Duration(seconds: 4) Defines the animation duration
double cornerRadius 0.0 Defines the corner radius of the border
double borderWidth 1 Defines the width of the border
Color borderColor Defines the color of the border
Color trailingBorderColor Defines the color for the trailing part of the border
EdgeInsets padding Used to add child widget padding
bool startWithRandomPosition true Used to set starting position of SweepGradient
bool isTrailingTransparent true Used to set starting color of SweepGradient

Guideline for contributors