A flutter package that can be used to import scrollable datetime timeline.


supports Web, Android can change Color according to your UI


Getting started

To use this package add it to the pubspec.yaml and run ‘flutter pub get’ Now, you can import ‘DateTimeLine()’ widget and use it.


Below is an example code for using this.

import 'package:date_time_line/date_time_line.dart';

            width: MediaQuery.of(context).size.width,
            color: Colors.lightGreen,
            hintText: "10 task today",
            onSelected: (value) {
              setState(() {
                date = value;

The ‘date’ variable can be used to get the selected date. The ‘hintText’ value is shown below the month and year.

Additional information

Currently i have tested it only on Android and Web. Soon i’ll try to implement this on Windows, IOS …


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