This package provides controllers and editors for complex models and lists
and is inspired by simplicity of TextEditingController.
It encapsulates state management so you don’t have to do a single setState(){}.

See the example on how to create an editor like this:

Screenshot of a book editor

This package provides the following controllers:

  • AbstractListEditingController which is a ValueNotifier of List<T?>.
    It takes care for adding, deleting and reordering of list items.
    Just initialize it with a list of your models and then read the edited list.
  • CheckboxGroupEditingController which is a ValueNotifier of List<T>.
    It takes care for storing multiple values according to the user checking
    and unchecking individual boxes.

This package provides the following widgets which use the mentioned controllers:

  • ColumnListEditor which shows individual editors and allows to delete them.
  • ReorderableListViewEditor which also allows reordering.
  • MaterialCheckboxColumn which shows a checkbox group in a column.

A few widgets and controllers that are not mentioned here are experimental
and not recommended for use.

Additional Information

The controllers in this package are pretty stable and are intended for public use.
The widgets on the other hand are mostly ad-hoc and are in development.
They lack many properties and customization.
If you wish to help, file an issue with your idea before contributing,
and I will see how to incorporate it.


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