?FluCommerce – A Flutter Ecommerce Application – UI?

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Getting Started with Flutter ?

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This is the documentation of Flutter Applications. It contains all the information you need to get started with and make changes to your App

Table of Contents

System Requirements

Dart SDK Version 2.17.0 or greater. Flutter SDK Version 3.0.0 or greater.

Project Structure

├── android                         - contains files and folders required for running the application on an Android operating system.
├── assets                          - contains all images and fonts of your application.
├── ios                             - contains files required by the application to run the dart code on iOS platforms.
├── lib                             - Most important folder in the project, used to write most of the Dart code.
    ├── main.dart                   - starting point of the application
    ├── core
    │   ├── app_export.dart         - contains commonly used file imports 
    │   ├── constants               - contains all constants classes
    │   ├── errors                  - contains error handling classes                  
    │   ├── network                 - contains network related classes
    │   └── utils                   - contains common files and utilities of project
    ├── data
    │   ├── apiClient               - contains API calling methods 
    │   ├── models                  - contains request/response models 
    │   └── repository              - network repository
    ├── localization                - contains localization classes
    ├── presentation                - contains all screens and screen controllers
    │   └── screens                 - contains all screens
    ├── routes                      - contains all the routes of application
    └── theme                       - contains app theme and decoration classes
    └── widgets                     - contains all custom widget classes

How you can do code formatting?

  • if your code is not formatted then run following command in your terminal to format code
    dart format .

How you can improve the readability of code?

Resolve the errors and warnings that are shown in the application.

Libraries and tools used


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