Instagram Assets Picker


An image picker based on Instagram picker UI. It is using the powerful flutter_wechat_assets_picker package to handle the picker and a custom version of image_crop for crop.

🚀 Features

  • ✅ Instagram layout
    • Scroll behaviors, animation
    • Preview, select, unselect action logic
  • ✅ Theme and language customization
  • ✅ Multiple images pick (with maximum limit)
  • ✅ Restore state of picker after pop
  • ✅ Change aspect ratio from 1:1 to 4:5
  • ✅ Crop all images at once and receive a stream with a progress value
  • ❌ Videos are not supported

📸 Screenshots

Layout and scroll Crop

📖 Installation

Add this package to the pubspec.yaml

insta_assets_picker: ^1.2.2


Since this package is a custom delegate of flutter_wechat_assets_picker you MUST follow this package setup recommendation : installation guide.

👀 Usage

For more details check out the example.

Future<List<AssetEntity>?> callPicker() => InstaAssetPicker.pickAssets(
    title: 'Select images',
    maxAssets: 10,
    onCompleted: (Stream<InstaAssetsExportDetails> stream) {
        // TODO : handle crop stream result
        // i.e : display it using a StreamBuilder
        // - in the same page (closeOnComplete=true)
        // - send it to another page (closeOnComplete=false)
        // or use `stream.listen` to handle the data manually in your state manager
        // - ...

Fields in InstaAssetsExportDetails:

Name Type Description
croppedFiles List<File> List of all cropped files
selectedAssets List<AssetEntity> Selected assets without crop
aspectRatio double Selected aspect ratio (1 or 4/5)
progress double Progress indicator of the exportation (between 0 and 1)

Picker configuration

Please follow flutter_wechat_assets_picker documentation : AssetPickerConfig


Please follow flutter_wechat_assets_picker documentation : Localizations

Theme customization

Most of the components of the picker can be customized using theme.

// set picker theme based on app theme primary color
final theme = InstaAssetPicker.themeData(Theme.of(context).primaryColor);
    title: 'Select images',
    pickerTheme: theme.copyWith(
      canvasColor:, // body background color
      splashColor: Color.grey, // ontap splash color
      colorScheme: theme.colorScheme.copyWith(
        background: Colors.black87, // albums list background color
      appBarTheme: theme.appBarTheme.copyWith(
        backgroundColor:, // app bar background color
        titleTextStyle: Theme.of(context)
            ?.copyWith(color: Colors.white), // change app bar title text style to be like app theme
    onCompleted: (_) {},

✨ Credit

This package is based on flutter_wechat_assets_picker by AlexV525 and image_crop by lykhonis.


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