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A Flutter curl-command generator for Dio.

curl_logger_dio_interceptor log output

Easily test your Flutter-made requests in your favorite terminal or even in Postman or Insomnia.


Sometimes you want to replay the HTTP requests made in your app, or you want to share it with your beloved backend developer. Or you just love CURL.

Use your app as you want, and when the broken-request comes, look at your terminal, copy and paste it, and enjoy replaying it easily!


  • Simple GET/POST/DELETE/PUT requests logging
  • With data when available
  • Postman-ready

Getting Started

_dio = Dio();


Depending on your needs, you can also pass printOnSuccess: true to print all requests instead of only errored ones.

By default, convertFormData is true and converts FormData to plain Map so we can get a CURL representation even while using FormData (as for file uploads).


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