🪭 pagination Cubit 🪭

🚀 Getting Started

  • A Flutter application showcasing pagination implementation using the flutter_bloc library. This project demonstrates how to efficiently load and display data in chunks, providing a smooth user experience with minimal resource consumption.

🪄 Features

  • Pagination with Cubit: Utilize the power of flutter_bloc for efficient state management in paginated scenarios.

  • Efficient Data Loading: Load data in chunks to minimize the impact on performance.

  • Loading States: Handle loading states to keep users informed during data fetching.

  • Error Handling: Gracefully handle errors during data retrieval.

⚙️ Customization

  • Customize the appearance and behavior of the clipboard according to your requirements:

1- PaginationCubit:

class PostsCubit extends Cubit<PostsState> {
  final PostsRepo postsRepo;
  PostsCubit(this.postsRepo) : super(PostsInitial());
  // MARK: - Variables.
  int page = 1;
  List<Post> posts = [];
  // MARK: - Load With Pagination Method.
  Future<void> loadPosts() async {
    // MARK: - Variables.
    final currentState = state;
    bool isRefresh = false;
    var oldPosts = <Post>[];
    // MARK: - States.
    if (state is PostsLoading) return;
    if (currentState is PostsLoaded) {
      oldPosts = currentState.posts;
    } else if (currentState is PostsLoading) {
      oldPosts = currentState.oldPosts;
      isRefresh = currentState.isRefresh;
    emit(PostsLoading(oldPosts: oldPosts, isRefresh: page == 1 ? false : isRefresh));
    postsRepo.fetchPosts(page).then((newPosts) {
      emit(PostsLoaded(posts: posts));
    }).catchError((e) {
      // ignore: deprecated_member_use
      if (e is DioError) {

2- PaginationState:

sealed class PostsState {}

final class PostsInitial extends PostsState {}

final class PostsLoading extends PostsState {
  final List<Post> oldPosts;
  final bool isRefresh;

  PostsLoading({required this.oldPosts, this.isRefresh = false});

final class PostsLoaded extends PostsState {
  final List<Post> posts;

  PostsLoaded({required this.posts});

📱 UI


🛠 Dependencies

  flutter_bloc: ^8.1.3

🫴 Contributing

  • Contributions are welcome 💜
  • If you find any issues or have suggestions for improvements, feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request.

💳 License

License: MIT Version

  • This package is distributed under the MIT License. Feel free to use and modify it according to your project requirements.

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