Personal Finance Tracker


Personal Finance Tracker is a Flutter-based application designed to assist users in managing their personal expenses. The application encompasses various features and functionalities that contribute to a seamless experience.


Here are some screenshots showcasing the key functionalities of the application:

Key Features

  • Expense Management: Enables users to track, add, edit, and delete expenses with ease.
  • Category Handling: Provides categorized insights into expenses, facilitating better financial management.
  • Visualizations: Offers charts and graphs to visualize expenses over time.
  • Customizable Interface: Employs a user-friendly design, with options to customize appearance using Google Fonts.
  • Database Interaction: Leverages SQLite for local data storage, managed through database_provider.dart.

Contributions and Support

Feel free to contribute to the development of this application or reach out for support through the designated channels.


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