Flip View

This flutter app is based on the design made Dmytro Prudnikov for Yalantis on Dribble.He describes the design as:

Just trying to come up with a simple and funny interaction for reviewing a user profile. Made in Yalantis.


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Note : Uploaded apk is a fat apk which works on armeabi-v7a (ARM 32-bit), arm64-v8a (ARM 64-bit), and x86-64 (x86 64-bit). If you want small size apk then please clone this reposittory and generate one using Android Studio or Visual Studio Code.

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Getting started...

Step 1

  • Option 1

    • ? Fork this repo!
  • Option 2

    • ? Clone this repo to your local machine using https://github.com/shubhamhackz/flip_view

Step 2

  • HACK AWAY! ???

Step 3