A simple flutter application to demonstrate the use of StreamProvider with SharedPreferences for caching provider values.


  • Stream Provider caching.
  • ability to trigger a refresh with a shared preference key.
  • generic methods to access and update providers.
  • generic methods to access and update shared preferences.

Caching Process

  • fetch provider value from cache.
  • start adding new items from last cached item.
  • if no cached items, start adding new items from the beginning.
  • cache items in shared preferences.
  • filter items according to search provider value.
  • return list of items filtered.


the data model that needs to be cached must implement below methods to be able to serialize and deserialize the model.

  • Map<String, dynamic> toJson()
  • Object.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json)

when using provider families with multiple arguments, the model used as provider arguments needs to implement below methods for riverpod to be able to differentiate between provider instances, check GridItemsProviderArgs implementation in grid_item.dart file.

  • bool operator ==(Object other)
  • int get hasCode


  • flutter_riverpod
  • shared_preference
  • easy_search_bar

Directory Structure

└── src
    ├── models
    ├── pages
    ├── services
    ├── utils
    └── widgets


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