Farmdrive is a mobile app that serves as a bridge between farmers and potential customers. The application helps farmers to reach a wider audience and allows customers to buy fresh produce directly from the source. Flutter Laravel



Kitten Kitten Kitten

Kitten Kitten Kitten


Navigate to the releases page and download and install the latest version.

Previous versions are located there too.🔖


I have deep passion in beautiful UIs, mobile development and solving hurdles in general so —. I made a Farmdrive application for a starting point.


The next few alpha releases focus on the following:

  • optimal performance
  • finalizing features
  • more tests

This will also involve:

  • shipping to Google Play Store
  • shipping to Apple App Store

All communications regarding future releases & breaking changes will be communicated via my socials and on the releases page. 🚨


I am more than happy to collaborate with the dev community on this project. Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change. UI/UX and the design community is most welcome too.

For any queries or permissons contact me. 📩

🎨 Code Style

  • State management: getx
  • Backend framework: laravel

🚦 Project Status

🔴 Slowed down

Currently focusing on Uni. A few changes and releases will still be made.

Stay on board for a year or so. It will be a ride. 🎢

:trollface: Connect


🙅‍♂️ Disclaimer

Unless stated, Farmdrive is NOT a commercial app. And is not intended to make financial profits in anyway; neither ads, promotions nor fees.

I do not guarantee stability of APIs. Data and news might be unstable at a point in time. Henceforth, unless stated, Farmdrive is not to be used for Financial Analysis of any sort.


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