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The Base2 ERP project is a web and mobile application aimed at providing a comprehensive system for employee time tracking, task management, and career progression monitoring within the organization. The application aims to increase operational efficiency, optimize project management, and foster professional development among employees.

Key Features:

  • Time Tracking: Employees have the ability to easily and quickly record their clock-in and clock-out times. This enables accurate tracking of hours worked, facilitating adherence to internal time policies and assisting with workload management.

  • Task Management: The application allows for the recording and tracking of tasks assigned to each employee. Users can create task lists, set priorities, track status (in progress, completed, etc.), and assign deadlines. This promotes better organization and collaboration among team members.

  • Work Hour Registration: Employees can indicate the number of hours spent on each task, enabling precise tracking of time allocated to specific activities. This assists with future planning, resource allocation, and individual and collective performance analysis.

  • Career Progression Map: The application provides employees with a clear view of their professional development within the company. Each employee has a profile containing information about courses, trainings, scores, current position, and career progression details. This allows for goal setting, progress monitoring, and identification of growth opportunities.

  • Reports and Analytics: The application offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing managers to visualize data on time spent on specific tasks, individual employee productivity, progress on the career progression map, and other relevant metrics. This information is valuable for strategic decision-making and continuous process improvement.

The Base2 ERP project is developed using modern technologies and adheres to best security practices, ensuring confidentiality and data integrity for employees. The intuitive and user-friendly interface provides an enjoyable and simplified user experience.


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