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About the app

This app is all about IIIT college Reviews where information as well as idea would be given by the respective college students,they share their opinion to younger coming students.
This application contains the details of all IIIT’s and the user can rate the colleges and write reviews about them. It would be very helpful for the students who are going to fill the choices for the counselling.

Team Details



NAME – Prajeeth
ROLL – S20200020303
NAME -Mayank Gupta
ROLL – S20200020280
NAME – Aalhad Ajay Kate
ROLL – S20200010001


Android mobile with Android 6.0 and above

Steps to run the application

1.install the apk from the link below

2.Sign in with google or sign up, verify your email and sign in again

Screenshots of the Application:-

Starting Page

Signin Page

Signup Page

User Verification Mail

Forgot Password page

Password Reset Email

Colleges List (or) Main Page

Selected College Info Page

Selected College Ratings and Reviews

Rate and Review


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