Leather Background Shader Demo

Leather Background Shader Demo is an open-source demo project that showcases the integration of shaders, sensor data, and Flutter to create an engaging and dynamic background. The project utilizes a custom fragment shader to render a leather-like texture, providing a visually appealing and interactive user experience. The background responds to both device movements and user interactions, adding a layer of interactivity to the visual elements.

Shader Integration

Demonstrates the use of a custom fragment shader to render a leather-like texture.

Sensor Data Interaction

Utilizes sensor data to respond dynamically to device movements.

User Interaction

Responds to user interactions, enhancing the interactive nature of the background.

The project serves as a practical example for developers interested in exploring the capabilities of shaders and sensor data within Flutter applications. It can be a source of inspiration for creating visually appealing and interactive backgrounds in Flutter-based projects.

Developed by Raouf Rahiche