colorgram-dart is a Dart library that enables developers to extract colors from image files. This functionality can be leveraged to determine the colors for Flutter widgets or to output the extracted colors into a CSV file. The library is a port of the Colorgram JS library by darosh on GitHub, bringing its color extraction capabilities to the Dart ecosystem.

The color extraction process in colorgram-dart is based on the principles of Relative Luminance, Hue, and Lightness values, which are used to sample the colors present in the input image.

Compared to other color extraction packages available for Dart, colorgram-dart stands out for its lightweight and fast performance, as well as its simplicity of use. By focusing solely on providing the essential color extraction functionality, the library avoids unnecessary bloat and complexity, streamlining the development process.

Furthermore, colorgram-dart supports usage in pure Dart projects, making it a versatile tool for developers working on a wide range of Dart-based applications, including but not limited to Flutter projects.