Math Keyboard Developed by Ajay N and Arshad Zanin.

math_keyboard is a package that allows editing math expressions using a typeset input field (so-called “math field”) and a custom-made fully integrated math keyboard in Flutter only – no plugins, no web views.



  • Editing math expressions using a custom on-screen software keyboard
  • Editing via physical keyboard input (with shortcuts for functions and constants)
  • Support for both number and expression mode
  • Advanced operators and trigonometric functions (e.g. sqrt, ln, sin, etc.)
  • View insets support (on-screen keyboard overlay pushes up e.g. the body in Scaffold)
  • Full focus tree integration: works with regular text fields, manual FocusNodes, tabbing, etc.
  • Autofocus support
  • Form field support
  • Decimal separator based on locale
  • Converting TeX from and to math expressions

You can view all features in action in the [demo app][demo].


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