A cross platform flutter app for browsing, saving and editing online documents, including server, powered by onlyoffice.

Also a convenient tool to set up a personal cloud-document space.

cloudoc demo

edit a word file

Server setup

Docker preparation

Setup onlyoffice documentserver: docker pull onlyoffice/documentserver and docker run -it -p 8990:80 onlyoffice/documentserver. More details could be found at documentserver. Using onlyoffice/documentserver:latest-arm64 if your machine is arm64 linux.

Server running

Now that onlyoffice doucmentserver is ready, we start to run cloudoc. cloudoc is only a storage operation interface.

dart bin/server.dart <ip>:8990, the last parameter only tells cloudoc where is doucmentserver so that cloudoc could pass data to it. ip is what current machine’s ip address, localhost could not make docker-doucmentserver work.

Client running

Install flutter sdk

Do as flutter doc said.

cd client and flutter run -d chrome would start a web page in browser, while other platform is available with -d options.


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