Pretty Animated Buttons

Pretty Animated Buttons is a package for a collection of beautiful animated buttons which are highly customizable too. Currently, a total of 12 animated buttons are available. More fancy buttons are coming soon…

Pretty Animated Buttons List

Index Pretty Buttons Example
1 Pretty Shadow Button Pretty Shadow Button
2 Pretty Neumorphic Button Pretty Neumorphic Button
3 Pretty Slide Underline Button Pretty Slide Underline Button
4 Pretty Wave Button Pretty Wave Button
5 Pretty Fuzzy Button Pretty Fuzzy Button
6 Pretty Slide Icon Button Pretty Slide Icon Button
7 Pretty Slide Up Button Pretty Slide Up Button
8 Pretty Color Slide Button Pretty Color Slide Button
9 Pretty Skew Button Pretty Skew Button
10 Pretty Border Button Pretty Border Button
11 Pretty Bar Button Pretty Bar Button
12 Pretty Capsule Button Pretty Capsule Button


Pretty Slide Icon Button

Pretty Color Slide Button

Pretty Skew Button

Suggestions are welcome! ☕

🚧🏗️ The project is under development.

Feel free to try this out and give it a ⭐.

More button suggestions are warmly welcome!.


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