Notes App

A clean, and modern note taking app that has a complex ui, entirely built with Flutter. This app is also null safe. Be sure to leave a star ?



  • Create notes: Create notes that store locally to device.
  • Edit notes: Edit notes that were previously created.
  • Pinnable notes: Pin notes to the top of the list.
  • User stats: Stats for the user’s notes such as total notes, words written etc.
  • Search notes: Filter out notes with the search bar.
  • Tags/Categories: Categorize your notes with tags and access them through the search bar or the tag’s screen.
  • Dark Mode: Light and dark modes that accustom to the device’s theme.
  • Complex UI: Modern and complex ui that is visually appealing and functional
  • Local storage: Save your notes to your device.

Upcoming Features

  • Lockable Notes: Notes will be able to be unlocked with Face ID/Touch ID or a 4 digit password(Across all notes).
  • Rich Text Editor/WYSIWYG: Rich text editor to be incorporated into the note creation functionality.
  • Firebase Support: Analytics, Crashlytics, Performance.
  • Fuchsia OS Support: Support to run on Google Fuchsia OS.
  • App Store/Google Play Store: I plan on releasing this app on both app stores at some point in time.

Getting Started

Fork or clone this repository or download the code and navigate to the enclosing folder inside your terminal. Then use this command to run:

flutter run



Light Mode

Light Mode Video
Dark Mode

Dark Mode Video

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If you have any questions, you can reach me here:


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