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A beautiful mod installer for minecraft supporting custom repositories and more.

ArgonInstaller is a cross platform mod installer and updater you can use it with your own repo’s or the standard provided repos.


  • You can create your own repos for Argon and that way easily share your mods with other users.
  • Easily update and change your mods with the built in updater
  • Switch mod folders with the click of only one button
  • Hash checking Argon checks every hash of the mod being installed if its the right one if not it will throw a error.
Feature Screenshots
Install mods image
Customizbility image
Built in mod manager and updater image
Inspect mods image

Why another mod installer

Feather “client” is currently both windows only and paid, and free alternatives such as Skyclient don’t support importing custom mod your own custom repos. This makes it tedious to add your own mods and keep them updated. ArgonInstaller aims to fix this issue allowing anyone to maintain a repo with their favorite mods and update it themself

ArgonInstaller art

The current Argon installer art can be found here: feel free to dm me if your interested into making/have made new art to use anything is probably better than this same goes for the name of the project if you have a better idea lol.

Flutter guide – Contributing

Yes the code is terrible and will be fixed at some point!

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